The Orthobooks Advantage

What we do

Our tax advisor will work with you to create a tax strategy and plan to help you maximize your savings and keep you focused on doing what you do best: selling.

Our bookkeepers will follow the plan provided by the tax advisor and help sort and keep track of expenditures helping you maximize your deductions.

Our tax preparers will take the information tailored by the tax advisor, tracked and structure by the bookkeepers, and provide a stress-free return with savings that most others miss.

Meet the team

Caleb Ellinger - CEO

Caleb is the CEO & tax advisor for Ellinger Tax Services. Caleb brings many years of experience working as an enrolled agent & tax advisor.

Joe Luis Martinez - Bookkeeper & The Web

Joe is one of the bookkeepers for Ellinger Tax Services. Joe also helps out with updating the web site.

Leigh Ann Brune - Bookkeeping Manager

Leigh Ann brings numerous years of experience in bookkeeping, IRS controversies and tax preparation.

Robbin Ward - Administration

Robbin helps with client onboarding & communicates with clients to make sure our data & paperwork are kept organized and information gets to where it needs to be.

Andrew Shaw - Tax Preparer

Andrew is our resident tax preparer.