We Can Help You Save On Taxes

Ellinger Services Worldwide, Inc. provides tax advising, return preparation, and bookkeeping services to a variety of small businesses and individuals. Based on this experience, we have developed a system custom tailored to the needs of medical sales representatives. Our system has helped save thousands of dollars for medical sales representatives at Smith & Nephew and Stryker Orthopaedics.

About Us

We provide tax planning and advising, bookkeeping, and tax preparation to ensure that sales reps are: saving money on taxes, keeping good books, and filing and paying timely reducing the risk of IRS audit. This approach custom tailored with our experience and knowledge of working with medical sales reps has helped us offer this uniquely tailored service for medical sales reps.

Ellinger Services Worldwide, Inc. – Tax and Bookkeeping company founded in 2009

Meet the team that makes it happen

Caleb Ellinger


Caleb is a former IRS auditor and the president of Ellinger Services Worldwide Inc. He is a native Texan and has years of experience working in advising medical sales reps.

Robbin Ward

Sales & Onboarding

Robin Ward is our sales and onboarding rep.

Joe Luis Martinez


Joe handles the books and helps out with the website.

Andrew Shaw

Tax Preparer

Andrew Shaw is our resident Tax Preparer.

How to get started

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